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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  August 2, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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and have now issued a new warning for americans traveling overseas and embassies and consulates in middle east some north african countries are closing this sunday. this appears to be a huge response given howl -- how the u.s. already ramped up embassy security after 9/11. >> more irs drama on capitol hill today. g.o.p. lawmakers accusing the agency of trying to block their investigation about the targeting of consecutive -- differtive consecutive groups. >> more important news for patients with diabetes. one company just recalled tens of millions of glucose test strips. that's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything on "studio b." >> but first from fox at 3:00, new and widespread warnings of an al qaeda terror threat, the
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state department issuing a global travel alert for u.s. citizens for the entire michigan of august and ordered u.s. embassies and consulates across the middle east, north africa, and asia, to close their doors this sunday. now, analysts are calling this a serious response. they point out that the u.s. has beefed up embassy security in a big way since the attacks of september 11th. essentially turning those facilities into fortresses. yet the state department and the pentagon are taking more action today. diplomatic facilities in these countries are set to close on sunday: egypt, libya, afghanistan, and iraq, and many u.s. government buildings ordinarily close their doors on sundays, but it's a normal work day in many parts of the middle east. today a member of the house intelligence committee had this message for americans with summer travel plans. listen. >> something that is very credible, that is causing great
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concern right now, some they need to outlaws want to know what you know and they know we're ready for them, supposedly. seems to me they may want to change their date. >> and the state department warns that if this threat persists, some of those embassies and consulates may stay closed for several more days or more. wendell goaler is live at the white house. what do we know about the threats? >> only what lawmakers, who have been briefed, well tell us and that is not much since the information is classified. house foreign relations committee met with vice-president biden and other administration officials couple of days ago and talked to us this morning. >> it's al qaeda-linked, and based upon our experience in the past, we know that when information surfaces that shows that our personnel are at risk, we should act on that information. one of the examples would have been on 9/11, with the benghazi
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attack, someone forgot to circle their callender at that time that it was 9/11 and did not preposition forces and so forth. >> quick study suggests since 19999 the u.s. has closed multiple embecauses because of security concerns. only once in the middle east and never so many embassies. 21 been embassy and consulates with close on sunday. >> some of these places look like fortrats, this could coulda lot about security at our embassies in general. >> there are already questions about that stewart. historically, security is the responsibility of the host country, but of course that failed miserably in benghazi, libya, where the central government had only limited military resources and the friendly militias failed to stop the attack. the committee has already passed legislation that would put marines in more installations and hire more -- better
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qualified private police no longer requiring the security contract go to the lowest bidder. a california congressman says the embassy closures serve notice that u.s. intelligence is effective. >> this is a world that is a very complex world, and we are going to make sure we protect our embassies and that's critical at this moment. whether -- and to send a message that the united states is not going to be under attack. we're protecting our folks. >> some military analysts say closing the embassies give terrorists the victory of their own by interrupting the countries. >> wendell, thank you. with us now, former state department senior adviser, christian white. you talk about 21 embassies, worldwide travel alert. doesn't seem like this is a dress rehearsal. they clearly have something. >> it's a rare occurrence, and so many embassies, from cairo to baghdad, everything in between.
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looks like a serious threat. >> i'm curious about the timing. we talk about this before the show. you have this threat coming in and they say, okay, as of sunday, we're going to close down these 21 embassies and might go for a week or longer, and all of august there's a travel warning. you can into where the places are. what do you make of the timeline there? why hold a press conference and say we're going to shut them down sunday. al qaeda has been known to be very patient. >> very strange why you give advance notice and some people would be disrupted to show up on the first work day of the week and have the embassy closed but that would not have given al qaeda this victory in advance. next wednesday, it's the end of ramadan, and if it were tied torama dan, you would wait until the end of ramadan. it may be the administration is on a hair trigger. >> you have the end of ramadan and september 11th coming up, a little over a month this timey might be working with? >> i guess.
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so they probably want to be out in front with this very bad anniversary of being caught flat-footed in ben georgia si and then not reacting. this is probably a beard consequence of nor longer being on the offensive against al qaeda. this is a defensive step. >> with say the threat is credible but doesn't steam be specific. they talk about a vast net. a worldwide travel ban, doesn't seem like they have specific credible evidence in some certain place. what does that you? >> they've closed every embassy where they think al qaeda has the ability to act,, which is stunning. the big mantra of the administration has been that al qaeda is on its heels and yet there are dozens of countries where we can be hit at any time. >> hough does it play politically when you say that al qaeda is on its heels and now we have this massive warning for everybody traveling overseas and anybody in these embassies and their families. what does that say politically? >> i think that what we have been hearing from the
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administration, if be just pull out of iraq and afghanistan and declare the war on terror over, ask congress to rescind the authority for the war, that will tame our adversaries, whether it's al qaeda or the muss almost brotherhood. apparently not. >> does it all circle back to benghazi. al qaeda wouldn't go after them. is there some where in the ranks saying that they didn't go after us so maybe we strike again? >> that's right. and one of the people that believed to be involved in the terrorist attack spoke to a u.s. news organization and said i've never been contacted by the fbi so al qaeda thinks we're back pre9/11 and they can act with impunity and we may send up a cruise missile but not a serious strategy to defeat lahmists. >> do you predict more? >> we're on the defensive and you'll see more of this. >> christian whiteon, good of you, thank. >> to texas now, and on the eve of the trial of the accused fort
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hood shooter, survivor of the massacre says the suspect's open words prove it was an act of terror, not merely work place violence as the feds called the murders. last night we reported on hand-written letters which major nadal has san wrote him and he praises this guy, the now-dead american al qaeda leader anwar los angeles al lack can i. he asks forgiveness. his court-martial, set to begin on tuesday, and now we are hearing reaction to the suspect's letters from one of the survivors. doug is live in washington. reporter: sean manning this survivor's name. he was shot six times by major nadal hassan and was disgusted
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by what he read and the writings confirm this was no act of work place violence has the government termed it. >> the government has tried too deny this is an act of terrorism. i think if -- i hope that if people hear the words from hassan's own mouth, that they'll understand this was an act of terrorism. >> in one type document, hassan writes: american democracy and sharia law are incompatable there is an irreconcilable conflict in american democracy, we the people govern according to what we the people think is right or wrong even itch it goes against what almighty god commands and america's ban on cruel and unusual punishment prevents the flogging of a fornicator or receiving senior severerring the hand of thief. clearly it pears that hassan, court-martial, is making hiking case to military justice
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but to allah. trace? >> i guess you can also make the case he is also appealing to a broader audience here. >> an expert in islamist history and the koran reviewed the documents and believe hassan has a larger motive. >> i think it's clearly an after-the-fact issue where he now is trying to put the personal jihad he was involved in -- trying to put it into a larger religious and geopolitical context, and justify what he is doing. perhaps in a sense to himself and also i think in large measure to the folks in the islamic world. >> that has long been an argument against trying jihadists in civilian court, out of fear it would give terrorists a soap box for recruisement -- recruitment. the judge in the court-martial did not impose a gag order, hence we're seeing these documents that hassan himself has written.
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trace? >> doug, thank you. well, there are new accusations today that the irs tried to block an investigation into the agency's alleged targeting of conservative groups. we'll have a live report on that coming up next. plus, the nsa leaker, edward snowden, is reportedly trying to make himself comfortable in russia, at the home of another expatriate american. but how is he going to eat and earn a living and what does this say about the white house? and what does the white house say about this? next. the postal service is critical to our economy.
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delivering mail, medicine and packages, yet they're closing thousands of offices, slashing service and want to layoff over 100,000 workers. the postal service is recording financial losses, but not for reasons you might think. the problem? a burden no other agency or company bears. a 2006 law that drains $5 billion a year from post office revenue while the postal service is forced to overpay billions more into federal accounts. congress created this problem, and congress can fix it.
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ed snowden has a new place to stay in russia with a group of american expatriates. the word from the lawyer representing the fugitive surveillance leaker. and it seems we have our first look at snowden leaving the moscow airport. today russian television broadcast this photo which apparently shows him getting into a taxicab. we cannot confirm its
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authenticity. yesterday, russia gave snowden temporary asylum for one year. he had been stuck in a transit zone limbo for more than a month, and now his lawyer says snowden needs a job. and one of russia's top social networking sites has already offered him one. the lawyer says the group of americans let him stay in their home until he can rent his own place. he did not say where the home is, citing security concern for the guy who decided to leak our top surveillance programs. the white house says it's extremely disappointed it decided to let snowden stay and u.s. officials warn that's could force them to cancel a planned summit between president obama and the russian president vladimir putin set for next month. >> there's more drama at the irs. lawmakers now accuse the tax agency of trying to block an investigation into its targeting of conservative groups. during a hearing today that was supposed to focus on tax fraud,
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republicans quickly switched topics and accuse the irs of handing over just a fraction of the documents demanded and claim many they received are so blacked out they're useless. >> are you going to tell me that this is in fact minimal redaction as required by law? >> well, there's a couple of statements i'd like to make if i could. no i'd just like your answer, please. >> we -- the lawyers take very seriously their legal responsibility to redact information under the law, to redact information that is specific to an individual taxpayer, and all such information, bottom line, mr. chairman, is all such information, whether redacted or unredacted, is delivered to this congress. it is delivered -- >> you delivered less than 1% -- excuse me for standing but i have to get over your stack -- >> the irs strongly denies that it is stonewalling.
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a spokesman says there are 70 attorneys working fulltime to review these documents. mike emanuel is live in d.c. what else got heated today? >> things got feisty over one of the key figureness the irs targeting of conservative groups investigation. lois lerner, on paid administrative leave after taking the fifth and refusing to answer the questions of lawmakers after defending her own actions. if she isn't going to talk to members of congress or their investigators, they want her e-mail now. >> every single e-mail that -- of lois lerner that we asked for, you sent to us? >> i'm -- no. but we provided hundreds of her e-mail -- >> this is a process no. no. no. it's pretty simple. you go to her computer and get her e-mails. >> it's not that simple. >> shouldn't take three months.
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>> darrell issa issued subpoenas to compel the irs to hand over the e-mail, including contact with the white house. a treasury spokesperson responded saying, quote, we selfed the bean from chairman issa and our general counsel's office is reviewing it. treasury is committed to cooperating with the review and we will continue to do. so trace? >> and we also heard what darrell ice a said earlier but did the acting irs head get a chance to defend him jinx he was accused of dragging his feet and of obstructing the investigation by narrowing the search for relevant material. >> so in unilateral decision has been made to alter the search terms in perpetuity. that's not true. we made an adjustment to the search term in order to increase the documents you get sooner rather than later. the fact i'm able to deliver thousands of pages today is because we have made these improvements. it doesn't mean we're not fully committed to getting all these
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documents. >> also said by the end of today the irs is expected to hand over some 16,500 pages to house oversight, and more than 70,000 pages to congress overall. trace? >> trace: we'll see how many pages are leaked out. michael, thank you. accuser murder and former new england patriots star aaron hernandez has written a letter from jail that he is innocent and he murder case is part of god's plan and he cannot wait to prove all the so-called haters wrong. first then he has to convince a jury. jury. that's next. if there was a pill to help protect your eye health as you age... would you take it? well, there is. [ male announcer ] it's called ocuvite. a vitamin dedicated to your eyes, from bausch + lomb. as you age, eyes can lose vital nutrients.
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the nfl star turned accused
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murderer, aaron hernandez, claims he can't wait to prove all the haters wrong. that in a letter hernandez wrote to a fan. the web site claims it obtained the letter from the fan after the man said he wrote the former patriots tight enbecause he was an inmate at the very same jail 15 years ago. the letter reads in part: i know god has a plan for me and something good will come out of this. i've always been a great person and known for having an amazing heart. now, remember, hernandez pleaded not guilty to murder in the death of 27-year-old semi professional football player odin lloyd. this week diverrers searched a lake in the star's home town in connecticut. michelle, the letter, as you read through this thing, does it give you any indication if he is trying to kind of cry out to make his own defense from within the jail cell? >> absolutely. i think that this is his way of
12:24 pm
doing his own pr and trying to get some of his fans back. >> trace: i look at the evidence here, michelle, and the prosecution was very compelling. they went into court and laid this out. not only with just the timeline and the circumstantial evidence but had video of him meeting with these guys and witness testimony about when the gunshots happened and then the car driving out video, of the area where lloyd's body was found. very compelling evidence against this guy. >> i'm with you. and honest lively if i was his attorney, i would quit and tell hmm to hire jesus because he is going to need a miracle. this timeline is excite come -- is quite compelling. >> trace: i want to put up more of the letter. this is a letter to a fan who wrote him. it will all die down especially when they say not guilty and all the people who turned on me will feel like crap. that's what he writes. and, michelle, it seems like he doesn't really quite understand
12:25 pm
that they've got a lot of goods on him. >> it doesn't seem like he understands that at all. i mean, he has this go-team, fight spirit, and i kind of applaud that as an nfl start but in this case he needs to talk to his attorneys about his real options before he wastes everyone's time. and makes a fool of himself in the meantime. >> trace: but again, he is innocent until proven guilty. one more quote from this letter. says: i fell off -- talking about religion -- he says i fell off, especially after making all that holiday -- all that money but god put me in this situation for a rope. i'm humbled by this already. and the very bolt of -- very bottom of the letter he wrote do not put this on social media, but it's everywhere now. >> almost begging the fan to put it on social media. and hopefully god did put him in jail to save more lives. by my count he is responsible
12:26 pm
for three. >> trace: michelle, good see you. >> thank you, trace. >> trace: well, the big monthly jobs report is out and showsovey much a mixed bag. fox business will break the numbers down coming up. plus, some explosive new details from the trial of reputed mobster "whitey" bulger. remember the man on the prosecution's witness list who turned up dead on the side of the road? well, now we know just how he died. it involved a mysterious cup of iced coffee. that's coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. i stepped on the machine, and it showed me the pressure points on
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>> there's breaking news out of boston. an update on the cause of death for a man who reportedly waited decades to testify against "whitey" bulger remember steven rake who was found dead two weeks ago in what people familiar with the investigation called a suspicious death? well, the district attorney now says steven rakes was killed. she says his coffee was poisoned. the d.a. says there's no connection between the death and the bulger case underway in boston. now steven rakes' business associate is under arrest and charged for murder. rakes was lured to a meeting and during the meeting the business partner intentionally put poison
12:31 pm
in rakes' ice coffee, drove around for several hours with rakes in his car, and then dumped his body in a remote location. we're told the office of chief medical examiner has not yet completed all the tox tolling tests as needed to determine the cause of death. a jogger found the body of steven rakes on july 17th in a wooded area in lincoln, massachusetts, west of boston. there were no visible signs of trauma. he had no identification. no cell phone, and no wallet. but he was poisoned we cyanide in his iced coffee. >> now on to the trial for whitey bull. >> the reputed mob boss, back in court today and revealed he will not testify in his own defense after his lawyers rested their case. bulger told the judge, withouts the jury present, that the decision was involuntary. bulger also told the judge -- and this is a quote -- i didn't get a fair trial, and this is a sham. and do what yous wont with me.
12:32 pm
the 83-year-old was speaking, the widow of the man he is accused of murdering yelled, you're a coward and here's what the widow and the alleged victim's soon had to say -- son has to say after the court proceedings. >> first claims he has immunity, which he thinks gives him the right to kill all these people, and not only he blames an unfair trial. >> going to take a lot of secrets to the grave with him. he is the only one who knows how high up in the fbi the corruption goes. >> the prosecutors charged that bulger participated in nearly 20 years in the ''7s and '8s as a lead are of boston's winter hill gang. terrifying boston for decades. he tide not a testify, says it was involuntary because he did not get a fair trial. does that hurt his defense? >> i don't think it would have made any bit of difference if he
12:33 pm
did or didn't take the stand. he has decades worth of criminal baggage, alleged to be a mob criminal. i think the prosecution would have been salivating at the opportunity to cross-examine him. can you see him trying to explain away 19 murders. >> but he likes to top, stood up in court and said yous didn't give me fair trial, and he said they wouldn't let me talk. is that potential for appeal? >> him making the statement it's involuntary is a sham. his attorneys certainly advised him its his constitutional decision to take the stand. the judge advised him of that. he didn't want to take he stand and that's obvious. he might be just saying this to create a circumstance cause atmosphere or set up some time type of appellate issue pause the evidence is so overwhelming against this guy. >> trace: had to love the pictures in court that made him seem like this sweet guy.
12:34 pm
playing with the dog and the flower garden, and the prosecution was not happy. >> they weren't happy. they claimed this violated the court's bag order but the defense is desperate and what they're trying to do is trying to shape the jurors' impression of this guy. even the public perception. well we have seen so far in the media and for the jurors is this image of this guy as a murderer, a monster. so they're trying to say, look, here's him with his family. here's him with his dog. but it's not going to make any difference. he could have pictures with the pope or mother teresa and i don't think anyone will be swayed trace trails the -- >> trace: the issue of money, arrested with $850,000 inside. and he is going to give it to the victims' family. you can't give dirty money to nip you want. >> how generous, wants to compensate the victims' families, but news flash, he didn't decide where the money goes if he is convicted. that's up to the court system, and that's another desperate
12:35 pm
attempt by the defense to try to sway those jurors, show him to be a nice guy, look, he wants to compensate the victims' families. but again, i don't think anybody is going to sway those jurors. >> trace: maybe he is a nice guy. >> never know. >> trace: good to see you. the fbi has now determined it could not have done much more to prevent the boston marathon terror attacks. that's what law enforcement officials now tells "the new york times" newspaper. we have learned that back in 2011, a russian intelligence agency asked the u.s. to investigate tamerlan tsarnaev, but u.s. investigators said there was no evidence he had been radicalized, and the feds say he and his brother orchestrated the deadly bombings back in april. tamerlan tsarnaev died during the shoot withoutive police less than a week later. the times reports that federal laws kept the fbi from conducting a more thorough investigation before the attack. the younger brother, dzhokar tsarnaev, pleaded not guilty to more than two dozen federal charges. >> some good news and some bad
12:36 pm
news for the economy. first the good the labor department reported today that the unemployment rate last month type .2 to 7.4%. that's the lowest since december of 2008. now the bad. the department also reports our economy added just 152,000 jobs last month. a number lower than what analysts expected. jobs numbers come out weekly, and updates on the unemployment rate come out every month. which helps explain those mixed signals. a live look now at the dow and how it's responding, and today it is, almost break-even, it's up about two was down two. one analyst reports nearly 0% of the jobs we gained in -- 70% of jobs we gained were in the lowest paying sectors of the economy. we have become a nation of hamburger flippers. peter barnes is live at the white house. peeler, what sectors are hiring exactly? >> well, trace, you're right
12:37 pm
about the sectors. in the economists are worried a lot of the job growth in the -- the big job growth recently has been in lower quality jobs, as they put it. more growth in lower-paying jobs and in some cases these jobs are parttime. economists say because of companies want to hire parttimers so they don't have to provide them with healthcare coverage under obama care. retailers added 47,000 jobs last month. business and professional services up 36,000. lease your and hospitality, up 23,000, and financial services and real estate up 15,000, trace. >> trace: the reaction from the white house and congress? >> the president's top economist says this is progress in job creation, continued progress, but not good enough. but he used the report as ammunition in the administration's battles with house republicans.
12:38 pm
>> there are a number of steps congress could take, but most importantly they shouldn't take steps bookwards and shoot ourselves in the foot by having a shutdown over the budget or, worse yet, another fight over the debt limit. >> house speaker boehner would have none of this. he said in a statement, quote, near live five years of aggressive intervention by washington, the stimulus era of excessive spending, excessive red tape and abuse by agencies like the irs, has left our economy treading water with slow growth, high unemployment, and stagnant wages. trace? >> trace: we mentioned it was good news and bad news on the jobs front. any other economic news out today, peter? >> the commerce department reported today that factory orders were up for the third month in a row, gaining one and a half percent in june, thanks to higher aircraft orders. trace? >> trace: peter good, to see
12:39 pm
you. thank you. >> you bet. a. >> trace: a massive worldwide travel warning now. embassies to close in nearly two dozen countries. but the white house will not say why. next we'll talk to fox news sunday anchor chris wallace about the drastic steps the government has taken and try to get to the bottom of what happened. dad. how did you get here? i don't know. [ speaking in russian ] look, look, look... you probably want to get away as much as we do. with priceline express deals, you can get a fabulous hotel without bidding. think of the rubles you'll save. with one touch, fun in the sun. i like fun. well, that went exactly i as planned.. really?
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if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or if you have any allergic reactions such as rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. more now on our top story. the u.s. government warning of a new threat from al qaeda. the state department just issued a global travel alert for all of august. and u.s. embassies in consulates in these countries, including egypt and afghanistan, are set to close their doors this sunday for at least one day and possibly more. joining us now, the anchor of fox news sunday, chris wallace. chris, good to see you, sir. >> good to be with you, trace. >> trace: it's interesting. i was fascinated to hear today an our air, chris, general jack keene talking about al qaeda
12:43 pm
and he says he thinks they're emboldened. we have been hearing that al qaeda is on its heels and this general is saying i think al qaeda is emboldened, possibly by the benghazi strike. your thoughts? >> well, i don't know if it's benghazi or not but clearly the narrative you are getting out of the white house, especially last year during the campaign, that al qaeda is on the run, al qaeda is decimated, doesn't seem to be true. we seem to be taking this threat very seriously, to close down all of our embassies across the muslim world, now you talk about a travel alert for the month of august. sounds like unfortunately al qaeda is alive and unfortunately well. >> trace: i was wondering about the scope of this warning. we have seen a lot of these things and travel warnings come down and in this region we get a lot about mexico. but the scope is vast. 21 embassies, worldwide travel
12:44 pm
alert. are you curious about what why this was so vast and maybe the intelligence wasn't as specific and credible as we would like? >> well, the answer is, we don't know and i'm not going to speculate as to why they do it. i like to think that -- there's not a political campaign on. i assume they're doing that because they think the real and credible threat. i suspect in this debate about surveillance and the national security agency, you're going to see some of the defenders of the programs saying this is exactly why we need those intercepts of phone calls and e-mails and various kinds of electronic exchanges, because it helps us get these warnings. now, maybe it will turn out to be a false alarm. we certainly hope so. maybe it will turn out be a real plot and we can foil it before anybody gets hurt, but better to know about these things, real or just bluster, before hand and not to find out bit when it's too late.
12:45 pm
>> trace: it's interesting, you had john bolton, the former ambassador to the u.n., saying, look, this what the nsa does. this is what we do, and people don't realize, when they give up some of their liberties, this is what we get in return. the question everybody else is asking, so, are there more steps the nsa will take? more things they can do to kind of overlook our shoulder? these types of scenarios. >> always a balance but the point is that whoever it is in al qaeda that issued this threat or whatever it is that got the intelligence community's hair on fire, it wasn't a press release. release from al qaeda central. this is obviously some kind of intelligence over the internet, over phone calls, that led american officials to take these precautions that we're taking, and so obviously we do need that kind of surveillance. on the other hand, i can certainly understandy where a lot of americans are concerned
12:46 pm
about -- information about every domestic phone call gets swept up in the vacuum cleaner of the nsa and even the president is now talking, and democrats on capitol hill are talking about trying to tipped some balance. we have to be careful if we're going restrict or put some checks on the nsa and our electronic surveillance, we don't go in ways we miss -- as somebody said, you can't connect the dots unless you got the dots. we got a big dot that led to precautions being taken this weekend. >> trace: chris, good to see you. thank you, sir. >> thanks. trace. let me quickly say we're going to be talking about this on sunday. among our guest, the former director of the national security agency and the cia, general michael hayden, and along with him, republican congressman justin amash of michigan, who wants to put some severe restrictions on the nsa. they're going to duke it out on fox newss. >> i was going to give you this
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big promo but you meet me to it. you're a better salesman than i am. chris chris there you see, eric cantor as well, and it's a great show. don't miss it, folks. >> trace: why don't we just have fox news sunday right now. we'll get a jump on these -- what's going on. >> a warning to anybody with diabetes. the results of your blood, testing strip could be dead wrong. a huge recall affecting millions and millions of the strips. >> plus, cop's dash cam catches a speeding tractor-trailer as it goes airborne. have you seen this? we'll show you the explosive landing you need to see, next. clients are always learning more to make their money do more. (ann) to help me plan my next move, i take scottrade's free, in-branch seminars... plus, their live webinars. i use daily market commentary to improve my strategy.
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well, we're getting incredible dash cam video as this speak big rig takes flight. it happened yesterday in indiana and a trooper's camera caught the whole thing. watch as the tractor-trailer gets air as it speeds up over a hill, then the fuel tank explodes, sending a fire ball into the sky. we'll show it to you again. officers say the truck ran off the road while swerving to miss another vehicle. the truck's driver and his seven-year-old son escaped with just minor injuries. imagine that. >> now a major recall to tell you about. it's been crashing a company's web site for much of the day. that company, nova diabetes care warning some blood-testing strips can give people incorrect readings that could cause patients to take dangerous doses of their diabetes drugs. the recall affects 62 million test strips sold as nova max
12:52 pm
glucose strip. the company warns that patients should stop using the products right away. the company posted more information on its web site, but folks have reported kind of having trouble getting it to load up. there's also a toll free number for information. we have posted that to our web site at joining me now is dr. richard walker, the medical director of the medical center in houston. i don't think people realize, doctor, how serious this is. you have diabetes and your insulin dependent your strip tells you everything about your dosage and too much or too little can be deadly. >> you're right. the problem is even greater than what is being reported because the 62 million is talking about the number of cases that the strips come in, but in each case there are multiple strips. so, really, you're talking about
12:53 pm
something like 300, almost -- 359 million, almost 400 million strips. now, what people should realize is that, as we're talking about the various number of strips, many diabetes patients are taking and testing their blood multiple times a day. and there often time is a very short window for them to respond to either the blood sugar being too high or too low. >> trace: what concerns me, dr. walker -- i know because i have family with diabetes -- i worry about the older people. we talked about how the computer kind of crash, and really they're having trouble getting information. older people don't navigate this stuff very well. don't know about recalls-don't know to look up the numbers and stuff, and if you're younger and you have older relatives that have diabetes, that is really where people need to get involved and make sure their older relatives know the answers to this. right?
12:54 pm
>> i agree. the thing that i think is very important that they should do, in addition to trying and getting in contact with the company, is to make certain they tell some family member, some -- or some friends about the situation and don't hesitate to be able to go to the emergency room, call the emergency room, call your primary care doctor, or go to an urgent care center where you can get additional support regarding the treatment of your blood sugar. >> trace: very good advice, dr. richard walker. good of you to join us, sir. thank you. >> thank you. >> trace: the postal service is now looking to solve its problems using booze. the postmaster general wants to allow deliveries of alcohol to make up for the agency's huge losses. the postal service has been bleeding billions of dollars. 16 billion last year alone. right now, sending beer, wine,
12:55 pm
or liquor through the mail is prohibited but the mostmaster general says relaxing that rule could raise as much as $50 million a year for the agency. the agency is also pushing to end saturday delivery, and to start delivering to neighborhood drop boxes instead of your door. the. >> most bosses frown been drink on the job but a court decided tipping back one or two wouldn't really hurt and might have made one worker even more efficient. the story of the worker is next. [ male announcer ] this is betsy. her long day of pick ups and drop offs begins with arthritis pain... and a choice. take up to 6 tylenol in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief. all aboard. ♪
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call today to request your free decision guide and find the aarp medicare supplement plan to go the distance with you. go long. >> then there's this before we call at it day on "studio b." goes without saying that a lot of folks enjoy a drink after work, a nip or two. but a trash collector in portugal lost this job for drinking on the job. so he appealed the ruling and
12:59 pm
today a court reached this landmark decision, quoting here it is to be noted that with alcohol the worker may forget about life's hardships, and the public may even consider that this happy worker is very efficient. excellent, and a quick remover of scrap. in other words, they said it's okay to drink on the clock, and he got his job back. and as a philosopher named homer simpson said, the alcohol the cause of and solution to all of life's problems. don't you miss him? i'm trace gallagher in for shepard submission. that's it for "studio b." harris has the fox report at 7:00 in the east, 4:00 in the west, and look at the dow on a friday. how is your 401k? it's up a little bit. better than down a little bit. it was down earlier, now up 20. not bad. i'm trace gallagher.
1:00 pm
have a great day. nelova cute to now -- neil cavuto know and your your. >> well, what a piece of work. more americans finding work. great. here's what is not. for most of them, it's parttime work. >> neil: welcome everybody, i'm neil cavuto. the good news is the economy is churning out more jobs, 162,000 more last month, less than thought but steady as she goes. the problem is while americans are finding more jobs, three times as men are find -- as many are finding they're parttime, which paste ernie country pretty much all the time and not a healthy development. but very much a healthcare development. explain, craig. >> i think that this has 100% to do wit


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